The cryptomonies continue to conquer spaces

Mastercard users based in Europe will be able to recharge their cards with crypto currencies and use them around the world through the Wirex service. Mastercard granted a commercial license to Wirex, a crypto currency payment company, being the first of its kind to receive this membership from the financial services giant. Actions such as these, demonstrate that cryptomonies continue to conquer spaces.

Mastercard supports Wirex for the creation of cards with crypto currencies
Mastercard has communicated its card partner program with crypto currencies, through its alliance with Wirex, which will be the first crypto currency platform to obtain Mastercard’s primary membership authorization.

Wirex has grown rapidly over the past 18 months. In this time, they have achieved not only a successful expansion in the Asia Pacific location, but also the launch of their Wirex native token.

This announcement from Mastercard will serve to help the adoption and create innovative experiences in the cryptology space. What they said translates into greater ease and speed in bringing secure crypto currency payment cards to market. Undoubtedly, crypto currencies continue to conquer spaces.

Now Mastercard supports Wirex in the creation of cards with crypto currencies

Kryptonite Mining: Interest Struggle between Bitmain Co-Founders
The ongoing battle between Bitmain’s co-founders has now essentially forced the world’s largest Bitcoin miner manufacturer into two different operations and supply chains to manufacture its flagship AntMiner equipment.

Wu Jihan, the co-founder who overthrew rival co-founder Micree Zhan Ketuan last year, registered a new entity on July 16 in Shenzhen, China.

The two sides have an ongoing legal battle in the Cayman Islands. The legal decision could mark the end of their infighting, as it will determine whether Zhan still has the dominant voting power over all matters in Etoro parent group.

Blockchain-based platforms help inventories

The emerging trend of digitization of systems along with the adoption of cloud-based services is growing rapidly worldwide. This trend grew significantly during the first quarter of 2020 due to the recent pandemic, COVID-19, and because of this many companies are implementing different technologies in their operations.

In this sense, Traxalt is a platform based on Stellar’s blockchain, which provides decentralized tools for those companies that want to create a transparent and efficient ecosystem. For example, massive cross-border payments or retail payments can be made through the Traxalt platform.

There are other solutions that the Traxalt platform could solve, such as digital inventory management. This solution could provide a more efficient and automated process for retail or freight forwarding companies. It would save costs, time and effort of human resources.