Dash: Dashpay testnet finished

Next month Dash will launch two updates that have taken 5 years of development on the testnet, namely Dashpay and Dash Platform.

This was revealed on Twitter by the user Fruit Salad Panda, who also pointed out that in the last month Dash has already recovered 5 positions on Coinmarketcap, and within a few weeks he could recover more.

He is currently in 26th place, with a market capitalization of just over $1.1 billion, not far from VeChain, but tailed by IOTA.

In recent weeks the price has risen from around $65 to over $110, peaking at $120 yesterday.

It must be said, however, that it is still Ethereum Code very far from the historical maximum, or $ 1,493 touched on December 20, 2017, but it is certainly much more than the $ 40 at the beginning of the year.

After the bursting of the speculative bubble in 2017, Dash’s price collapsed until it reached $60 at the end of 2018, and since then it has never been able to go back above $180.

The current price, for example, is still lower than the price reached in July last year.

Dash’s news on the testnet
The two new features to be launched in the coming weeks are Dashpay, which allows users to create usernames on the blockchain, and Dash Platform, the developer platform with the world’s first decentralised HTTP API.

It has to be said, however, that perhaps there is too much enthusiasm in the community of supporters of this cryptocurrency.

Not only are there those who speculate that in 2021 the price may return to historic highs, but it may even exceed them by 20 times over the next few years.

If it managed to return just under $1,500, the price would have increased by 1,200% compared to today, and this already seems a risky prediction, although possible.

In order to reach the new maximums assumed, at over $30,000, it would have to grow by a further 1,900%, and this seems an even riskier forecast.

Cumulatively, with respect to the current price, it would be a gain of about 2.600%, or rather a forecast that, to tell the truth, seems to be a long shot.

As much as it is possible to make reasoning that leads to hypothesize similar scenarios, these could easily remain only theoretical, because at present they would not seem to be plausible or realistic.

Moreover, given the heavily negative performance recorded so far, after the bursting of the speculative bubble, there would instead be several reasons to hypothesize more realistically, and more prudently, that an increase in value of 2,600% in the next few years is extremely unlikely.

Bitcoin price patterns from previous bull runs suggest a top of $ 160,000 with a correction to $ 25,000

While the crypto market as such has increased significantly in value, a number of proponents of cryptocurrencies are wondering where the top of the Bitcoin price will be in the next big bull run. For example, before and after the last three bull runs for Bitcoin Billionaire, different price peaks and significant declines of over 80% were recorded. The voices are also getting louder and louder saying that the next big bull run has already started.

According to Coingecko, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is currently $ 538 billion. This makes it clear that not only is the Bitcoin price approaching the level of the end of 2017, but the entire crypto market is growing and thriving.

Market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies

But while the market capitalization of around 300 billion dollars is still a long way from its all-time high (ATH), Bitcoin is on the verge of cracking its personal ATH. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price is already within reach at just under $ 19,300. There is hardly anyone on the market who doubts that the price per BTC will soon be trading at unprecedented levels.

The only question most people are currently asking is what the new ATH is and where it might be. If the Bitcoin price follows old patterns, it could be around $ 160,000, according to an influencer and analyst. Let’s take a closer look at why this is so.

Bitcoin course history during its bull runs

In a recent interview, Mike McGlone, Senior Commodity Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, spoke about maintaining the current level of Bitcoin. During the report , McGlone said there was a possibility within the next 1-2 years that BTC could add another zero to the end of its price tag.

A large number of Bitcoiners also believe that the Bitcoin price could reach $ 100,000 or more. Of course, especially at times like these, discussions about the possible price range are the order of the day on Twitter and Reddit forums. What was particularly interesting, however, was what the Youtuber Colin Talks Crypto tweeted about the patterns of the Bitcoin course during previous bull runs.

Bitcoin course during the Bull Runs

The chart Colin shared shows that BTC had seen three previous bullish price periods in 2011, 2013, and of course 2017. In 2011, the Bitcoin price soared to $ 31 per BTC for the first time and then lost 94% of its value again.

As a result of the economic fiasco in Cyprus and the heyday of bartering on the legendary Mount Gox scandal, the Bitcoin price rose 37 times from its previous high of $ 1,153, according to Colin’s chart. The loyal bear market again resulted in a loss in value of 85% in the two years 2014 and 2015.

In 2017, the Bitcoin price experienced its biggest rise to date, reaching $ 20,078 per BTC on some global exchanges on December 17th. A high that is currently only around $ 700 away from our current price level. A long-lasting correction of 84% followed in the usual gear.

Bitcoin Market prepares partnership announcement with Vasco da Gama

Carioca football club prepares announcement of partnership with largest exchange in Latin America.

One of the largest exchanges of cryptomoedas in Latin America, Mercado Bitcoin, will announce on Thursday night a partnership with Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama, one of the largest football teams in Brazil.

According to an announcement by Mercado Bitcoin, Vasco TV will promote a live from 7pm this Thursday to announce the partnership, without giving more details about the initiative.

The broadcast will be attended by the president of the Administrative Board of Vasco, Alexandre Campello, and the founding partner of Mercado Bitcoin, Gustavo Chamati.

Mercado Bitcoin is one of the most important exchanges in South America, and has acted beyond the Crypto Investor market, with tokenization of other more traditional assets, such as government bonds, in addition to launching a custodian of traditional financial assets with cryptography – a partnership with one of the auditing companies that make up the so-called Big Four.

The exchange also entered into a partnership with the construction company Vitacom to allow the payment of real estate with cryptomoedas.

In September, MB’s platform began trading the Chiliz football utility token, as well as Brazilian cryptomoeda WiBX and stablecoin gold-backed Pax Gold, as reported by Cointelegraph Brasil.

Bitcoin atteint 16 400 USD alors que de plus en plus d’utilisateurs de PayPal commencent à acheter des Crypto

Bitcoin (BTC) a étendu ses gains suite à l’annonce que le géant des paiements en ligne PayPal a ouvert ses nouveaux services de cryptage à tous ses utilisateurs aux États-Unis (à l’exception d’Hawaï), doublant ainsi le montant maximum en dollars pouvant être dépensé en cryptoassettes.

(Mis à jour à 08:54 UTC pour ajouter les dernières données sur les prix et un commentaire de George McDonaugh).

„Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que tous les titulaires de comptes PayPal éligibles aux États-Unis peuvent désormais acheter, détenir et vendre des cryptocrédits directement avec PayPal“, a déclaré hier la société.

La BTC a dépassé les 16 400 USD plus tôt dans la journée avant de corriger à la baisse.

Au pixel près (08:47 UTC), BTC s’échange à 16 192 USD et est en hausse de 2 % en un jour et de 4 % en une semaine. Parmi les 10 premières pièces par capitalisation boursière, la cryptocouronne la plus populaire n’est surpassée que par la litecoin (LTC) (+5%, 62 USD) qui est également disponible sur PayPal.

La société propose également l’éthereum (ETH) et le bitcoin cash (BCH). L’ETH est en hausse de 1 % à 459 USD, le BCH a baissé de 3 % à 251 USD.

„Bitcoin a passé 0,32 % de sa vie à 16k et plus, ce qui signifie qu’il y avait relativement peu d’acheteurs à ce niveau en 2017. De plus, l’espace était plus restreint en termes de participants. Cela est lié au fait qu’il y a très peu de vendeurs à ce niveau aujourd’hui, ce qui signifie qu’il n’y a pas de forte résistance pour que les taureaux fassent monter les prix“, a déclaré George McDonaugh, directeur général et co-fondateur de la société d’investissement en cryptocrédit et en chaînes de blocs cotée en bourse KR1, dans un commentaire envoyé par e-mail.

Il a déclaré qu’il ne s’attendait pas à ce que BTC atteigne 20 000 USD dans le cadre de la présente opération car elle se consolidera avant de repartir et de percer début 2021 : „C’est ainsi que bitcoin a aimé se comporter par le passé“.

Entre-temps, dans sa section FAQ, PayPal a confirmé qu’il a doublé le montant maximum des achats hebdomadaires de cryptocurrences à 20 000 USD, soit plus que ce qui était prévu il y a deux semaines (15 000 USD). Le montant maximum en dollars pour un seul achat de cryptographie est également de 20 000 USD.

De plus, jusqu’au 31 décembre, il n’y a pas de frais supplémentaires pour l’utilisation de ces nouveaux services.

L’entreprise a étendu ces services à 10 % de ses clients aux États-Unis il y a environ deux semaines.

A l’époque, Dan Schulman, PDG de PayPal, a déclaré que leurs clients étaient „très désireux“ de commencer à utiliser la cryptographie et que leur liste d’attente de nouveaux utilisateurs de cryptographie avait dépassé leurs attentes de „2 à 3“ fois.

Comme indiqué, la société prévoit d’étendre ses nouveaux services de cryptage à d’autres pays ainsi qu’à Venmo, l’application de portefeuille numérique de la société, au cours du premier semestre 2021.

Data shows that traders follow ’neutral‘ with Bitcoin price below US$ 15.5 thousand

Data from crypto and on-chain exchanges show that professional traders feel less confident about Bitcoin’s upward momentum below the $15,500 level.

Traders are usually skeptical after Bitcoin (BTC) „completes“ a strong performing uptrend, such as the stellar move from $12,000 to $15,950 seen in recent weeks.

The 35% gain in the last 30 days has led some traders to conclude that BTC is stretching too far and needs a downturn. On the other hand, many traders are confident that the current bullish run can continue.

The market displays mixed signals as the price of Bitcoin Cycle oscillates between $15,000 and $16,000, so many traders need to rely on its trend to confirm their investment decisions, and this is a dangerous place to be.

Bitcoin Cash reaches the lowest value against Bitcoin days before hard fork

Crypto Fear and Greed Index (Daily). Source: Digital Assets Data

For example, the Cripto Index of Fear and Greed, which is currently at 90, known as „90, Extreme Greed. Many traders seek to counter the index when it shows extremes, which means that „extreme greed“ is a signal to make a profit or trade sold, as it usually „means the market is in for a correction“ according to a web page.

Adding to this, the encryption and on-chain exchange outflow data led analyst Willy Woo to conclude that „an explosion is unlikely to happen“ To resolve this data dispute, an investor could take a closer look at the exchanges of major clients (or major traders) in the long and short position ratio.

Why billionaires are suddenly accumulating Bitcoin after a 113% gain in the year-to-date

BTC Binance’s main traders bought/sold ratio.

Notice how the main Binance traders have reacted after the Bitcoin moves. The chart suggests that traders are responding to the price rather than trying to predict what will happen. One should expect this movement from newer traders who buy the local tops and sell the dives.

It is important to note that each exchange treats the main traders‘ data differently as there are several ways to measure net customer exposure using derivatives. Therefore, any comparison between different exchanges should be done in percentage changes instead of absolute numbers.

Interestingly, OKEx data show a different approach by the main traders, with Bitcoin rising above US$ 15,800. Instead of blindly following price movements, these traders seem to be waiting up to two days before changing their strategy.
Buy/sell positions from the main OKEx BTC traders.

Although, this strategy seems smarter at first glance, adding long positions since Bitcoin failed to sustain the $15,600 level. There seems to be less despair compared to the reactive behavior of the Binance operators. Nevertheless, there are still no signs of confidence in OKEx’s long-short positioning.

Bitcoin at $18,000? BTC market capitalisation may exceed Canada’s monetary base

Sometimes it is better not to negotiate anything

Regardless of the success rate of these strategies, the ratio of long to short on both exchanges shows that traders do not feel very confident about the current Bitcoin price action. Although both appear to be currently in a slightly long position, their posture changes as market sentiment moves.

When facing mixed signals, traders should avoid trying to find more evidence to support their opinions. Doing nothing at times is the best decision, especially when even professionals seem to be changing their positions after small trend changes.

On-chain analysis, net flows from exchanges and indicators such as the Fear and Greed Index are useful. However, they should not be excluded from analysis by providing conflicting messages.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading movement involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.

Rynek: Bitcoin z powrotem za 15 000 $, gdy rynki kryptowalut straciły 30 miliardów dolarów po wygranej Bidena

Oficjalne zwycięstwo Joe Bidena pchnęło rynek kryptowalut na południe. Pomimo dobrego ożywienia, Bitcoin spadł poniżej 15 000 $, podczas gdy altcoiny zostały pogrzebane na czerwono.

Oficjalny wybór Joe Bidena na 46. prezydenta USA spowodował ostry atak na Bitcoina i resztę rynku kryptowalut. Podczas gdy BTC spadł do najniższego poziomu 14.350 USD na najniższym z soboty poziomie, całkowita kapitalizacja rynkowa straciła wczoraj prawie 30 miliardów USD w pewnym momencie.

Wybory Bidena spowodowały spadek BTC?

Miniony tydzień był imponujący dla Bitcoina. Główna kryptowaluta weszła w dzień wyborów 3 listopada przy cenie około 13 300 USD. Niepewność, która po tym nastąpiła, doprowadziła wartość aktywów do nowego rocznego maksimum wynoszącego prawie 16 000 USD. Był to również najwyższy poziom cen, jaki BTC zarejestrował od stycznia 2018 roku.

Po osiągnięciu szczytu bitcoin nieznacznie się cofnął, ale nadal obracał się powyżej 15 000 USD. Sytuacja zmieniła się jednak wczoraj po oficjalnym ogłoszeniu, że były wiceprezydent Joe Biden pokonał urzędującego prezydenta USA Donalda Trumpa i obejmie urząd w styczniu 2021 roku.

Jak donosi CryptoPotato , BTC zareagowało gwałtownym spadkiem cen, co spowodowało w ciągu dnia dołek w wysokości 14350 USD (na Bitstamp). Klasyczne wydarzenie „kup plotki, sprzedaj wiadomości”.

Bitcoin odrobił większość strat od tamtego czasu i obecnie flirtuje z poziomem 15 000 $. Niemniej jednak jest to nadal 3% spadek w skali 24-godzinnej.

Zaledwie dzień po nakreśleniu imponujących dwu-, a nawet trzycyfrowych pomp cenowych, większość altcoinów spadła w stosunku do ich wartości w USD

Wczoraj Ethereum podskoczył do nowego szczytu od początku września na poziomie 470 USD. W kolejnych godzinach ETH spadł do 425 USD. Chociaż wartość ETH wzrosła z powrotem do 440 USD, nadal spada o prawie 5%.

Spadek Ripple jest podobny w skali 24-godzinnej, a XRP z trudem utrzymuje się powyżej 0,25 USD.

Bitcoin Cash (-5%), Binance Coin (-4%), Chainlink (-8,5%), Polkadot (-8,5%), Cardano (-8%) i Litecoin (-7%) są na minusie .